Patty’s Corner # 367 : A little “me”time


Sweater: @20Twenty SL

♥  LGL Grand Canyon ~~~> La Gazza Ladra

Shoes: @20Twenty SL

♥  *DD* Dasha Pumps (Buckled) v.2 ~~~> *Dilly Dolls*

Anklet: @20Twenty SL

♥  OXIDE – Asanna Anklet ~~~> OXIDE

Collar: @20Twenty SL

♥  *NW* Zee Spike Collars ~~~> Neverwish

Pillow with poses: @20Twenty SL

♥  Little Llama – Tacocat Big Pillow ~~~> Little Llama


♥   + Lamb. Baby Blue

Author: Patrize Madd Nuttz

Second Life Blogger :)

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