Patty’s Corner # 407 : Redecorate for spring



♥  B BOS -Nilla Bodysuit- ~~~> B BOS


♥  ClarityMoon~Cleopatra~ ~~~> ClarityMoon


♥   .Zuli Poses. ~ F Single Pose 3 ~~~> .Zuli.

Furniture:  Shabby Tabby @ Gachapalooza

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Candle –Shorty

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Candle – Tall

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Mannequin

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Table

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Coat Rack

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Fleur Decor

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Bowl

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Bench

♥  *Shabby* Spring Fresh Birdcage Candles


♥   MOON // Hair // la Vie en Rose

Author: Patrize Madd Nuttz

Second Life Blogger :)

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