About Patty’s Corner

Update 31MAY16:
Unfortunately I had to move my old blog posts to make room at this site.
My blog archive can be found:

First… I want to thank you for visiting my blog.
Hope you enjoy it and I would like to invite you to check out my sponsors inworld or on marketplace… they are amazing.

Then… about me… who is behind Patty’s Corner?  Well.. that would be me… Patrize Madd Nuttz (pl1974 in Second Life).
During my years on Second Life, I met wonderful people… some I am proud to call family. I have explored the club scene…from host, manager, GM to DJ… and I still enjoy music a lot! Still working couple of hours a week… but always looking for new challenges.

I always loved exploring the beauty of Second Life… snapping pictures.. and as most woman.. I do have a shopping addiction.
Can’t resist visiting fairs… hairs are my worst addiction…  there is always at least one more I need. and Gatcha’s.. those machines are so addictive!

So… I decided to start blogging…  dressing up for clothes…  finding the right pose, best wind-light and the perfect location… I love it! Guess I found a new addiction.

At this moment I am blogging both male as female clothes, blogging for several events as also Home&Garden, hair, skin and tattoo’s. Beside this, I also am brand manager for SAMURAI.

Sometimes a friends help me out..  so lucky to have them around.
And thankful they always willing to help me. Thank you.

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